The Nest

There are two area properties in Palawan considered by the UNESCO heritage as the Philippines last frontier due its world class natural resources, these are Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Natural Park (1999) and Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park (1999 and 2009). We really can’t deny that these natural resources are what we need today and in the near future.

From the Northern part of Palawan up to its Southern part, all are beautiful and breathtaking spots. Happened to visit the infamous El Nido, Palawan last 2016. El Nido – which translates as “the nest” – owes its name to the fact it’s an important turtles’ breeding area. That trip was the dopest adventure for a first timer, like me.

The famous water activity in the province is island hopping. There are four tour categories, Tours A – D but the famous are A and C. When we were there, we chose the tour A and C since the tour guide told us that, those were the most picked tour packages of the tourists, local and abroad. And its picturesque view.

Before the water activity, we climb up to the Taraw Cliff since it was known to its good view of the entire island up above the rocky mountain.

Taraw Cliff view

All island hopping would take one day since each tour consists of 4 or more islands. Our first tour is A, the islands on that package are Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Beach and Shimizu Island.

El Nido, Palawan
Small Lagoon
Credits to the owner

My pictures during our trip to Palawan are all gone due to iCloud issues, except of course for my IG posts. Unfortunately, I didn’t post the entire island since my brother owns the camera. I’ll just post the picture of us together, kayaking.

Small Lagoon
Big Lagoon
Credits to the owner

Above photo is the Big Lagoon, credits to the owner of that picture again.

We were not able to get into the Secret Beach because of high tide. The tour guide told us that we can’t get in because the water is high and we might not be able to get out if the water keeps rising. The beach called Secret because you have to get through the narrow entrance or a secret entrance between two big rocks when you get there.

Moving on the our Tour C, which I would say, my favorite tour during our trip to El Nido. Tour package consist of Helicopter Island, Matinloc Shrine, Talisay Beach and Hidden Beach and of course our lunch is mouth watering.

Helicopter Island
The current is strong
Helicopter Island
Matinloc Shrine
View on top of the Cliff
Matinloc Shrine cliff
Talisay Beach
Tour C Lunch

Isn’t it amazing? Palawan is the best. All spots are breathtaking. This makes me wanna go back there.

I don’t have picture in Hidden Beach because when we stopped there, the crowd is overwhelming.

Well, we didn’t end up to island hopping because there are lot of beaches in El Nido, Palawan just a short distance from hotels.

Marimegmeg Beach
Marimegmeg sunset

Can I forget Nacpan Beach? Of course not. Here you go! Nacpan Beach everyone ☺️

Nacpan Beach

Here’s the view of El Nido in the morning, a walking distance from our hotel.

El Nido, Palawan Sunrise

This trip taught me a lot of things. We should be responsible human beings, because look what we have here on earth. The nature is a work of art. We should preserve its beauty so that, the next generation can still witness the beauty of nature we have right now. Help us our Mother Earth.

White Island

Have you been to the famous White Island in the Northern part of Mindanao? Well, if not, I will introduce you to the famous Camiguin Island. Camiguin is the second-smallest province in the country in both population and land area after Batanes. It was known for the famous White Island and sweet Lanzones.

Visited the island last 2015, it was my first time and hopefully will not be the last. From Cebu, we traveled by plane and landed to their little airport. It was little airport because the area is quite small and the flights of the two airlines are scheduled twice a week alternately. If you are planning to visit the island, make sure to check the schedule of the airlines or you may opt to ride a RORO (Roll On, Roll Off) boat. Also, if you are already in the main land, expect to ride a motorcycle or hire a driver to drop you off to the resort or wherever you planned to stay. The transportation are mainly van and motorcycle. Usually, if you are in group, they offer you a van and if you are alone or with small group of friends that can drive a motorcyle, the locals will offer you to rent their motorcycle or hire them as your driver and tour guide while you are in the island. Anyways, always ask a discount with the locals because some of them will give a higher prices especially if they notice you are from other town or country.

The places we visited on on our first day are the Cold Springs, Falls and Church Ruins. We went to Sto Niño Cold Spring, Bura Soda Springs and Katibawasan Falls. The water there is therapeutic because its cold and relaxing. In our way home, we stop over to the sunken cemetery which is also their famous spot because it’s perfect sunrise and sunset view.

Katibawasan Falls
Sunken Cemetery

On the second day, we explore their islands. We went to Mantigue Island and White Island. As a tropical country, when the weather is hot, it’s going to be so hot and it happens that during our stay in the White Island, the weather is hot. Since its sandbar, there’s no kubo or shade but there is someone authorized to sell food and beverages. We really take our time there as we spent 3 hours swimming, sun bathing and taking pictures. Right after out trip to White Island, we rode a boat for another 30 minutes going to Mantigue Island. Just like White Island, the sand in Mantigue is also white. However, the island is bigger and surrounded by different kind of trees. In the island, they also have a store that offers to cook food for breakfast or lunch and beverages. It was an amazing experience for me to visit their islands because not all Filipinos were able to visit some of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines.

White Island
Mantigue Island

Well, the most awaited day for us is our third day, because my brother wants to climb the Mt. Hibok Hibok. Camiguin is not just known for its beautiful Islands but also of their active volcano. According to the locals, Mt Hibok-Hibok is an active volcano and was erupted last 1951 that damaged the surrounded villages and the eruption creates a crater which has a sulfur element. It was the most tiring day for me because climbing that mountain is a major climb. As a beginner, you will spent one day climbing up and down.

Mt Hibok-Hibok Crater

That ends our trip to Camiguin. Unfortunately, when we visited the island, its not a Lanzones season so, we never experience their Lanzones Festival. Most importantly, it was fun and amazing trip. Hopefully, I can go back there since it’s been 5 years since I last visited the island. Probably, there are major improvements already and I am looking forward to visit there again.


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